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We hold several grading exams each year as a chance for our students to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout their training. Even though every grading has a set syllabus of techniques that will be checked, students are encouraged to learn and revise any of the techniques they have learnt previously.

Our gradings comprise of (but are not limited to) linework, patterns, set sparring, free sparring, measured techniques, stationary techniques, theory questions and anything from any past grading. 
These gradings are taken by Masters Walsh and Burke and will be followed by a seminar to revise the content that students from our clubs can improve on. All gradings & seminars take place in our Banbridge club.


We are proud to offer a seminar class after our gradings. Taken by Masters Walsh and Burke, these seminars are an invaluable tool to understanding the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do, as demonstrated by our 7th Dan grading examiners with decades of experience and knowledge between them.

These classes will allow you to have a chance to train alongside our grading examiners, allowing you to work with them to improve your techniques and skills in a focused and concise manner.

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